Robotics in the classroom

Robotics in the classroom

With the Robotics in the Classroom project, we help primary schools to prepare children in the upper years for the future.

You will receive a ready-made package for the school year to teach children the knowledge and skills of the future in a playful way. Our kit and curriculum make it as easy as possible for you to get started right away.

Annual program

By spreading the project over the school year, Robotics in the Classroom brings fun and energy into the curriculum, providing structure and inspiration for lesson planning.

Every month offers a new challenge for students to take on, each building on the one before. This unique approach helps to reinforce the science & technology cycle and provide exposure to a variety of 21st Century skills.

Educational goals

Robotics in the Classroom provides teachers with the opportunity to easily meet many different educational goals, further developing your own competences and your portfolio.

The project itself focuses mainly on teaching the science & technology cycle and 21st Century skills, yet provides enough context to work on the 58 core goals. Customize the content to fit your classroom and your continuing professional development.

Digital event

At the end of the school year, we host a digital final event for all participating schools: The Robot Games.

Over ten months, the students have learned to work on their own robot inventions. By giving them the opportunity to inspire each other, the role models of the future will become teachers themselves!


In line with our mission, we keep costs at a minimum so we can reach as many children as possible.

Every classroom kit contains robot parts for all students to make their own robot inventions, all the necessary information and lesson plans for a full school year, with support and the opportunity to participate in The Robot Games. We ask schools to contribute 1.000 euro’s to covering the costs of materials and production for a kit for 30 students or 500,- euro’s for a kit for 15 students.


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